Galaxy A51 5G May 2024 Update Arrives Despite End of Support


In an unexpected move, Samsung has rolled out a new software update for the Galaxy A51 5G, just after announcing the end of its support. This latest update includes the May 2024 security patch, addressing 45 security vulnerabilities.

Galaxy A51 5G May 2024 Update:

End of Support for Galaxy A51 5G

Earlier this week, Samsung officially ended software support for the Galaxy A51 5G. This meant no more regular updates, leaving many users concerned about the future security and performance of their devices.

Surprise Software Update

Despite this, Samsung surprised users by releasing a new software update. This update brings the May 2024 security patch to the Galaxy A51 5G, enhancing its security even after support was supposed to end.

May 2024 Security Patch

The May 2024 security patch is crucial as it fixes 45 security issues, ensuring that the Galaxy A51 5G remains secure against recent threats. This update is a significant boon for users, providing them with enhanced protection.

Availability of the Update

The new software update is currently available for the international variant of the Galaxy A51 5G (model number SM-516B) and the carrier-locked variant in the United States (model number SM-516U1). The respective update versions are A516BXXS9FXE3 and A516U1UESCGXC3.

How to Install the Update

To install the latest update, go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Software update
  3. Download and install

Alternatively, users can download the new firmware from Samsung’s database and install it manually.

The Last Regular Update

This update is likely the final regular software update for the Galaxy A51 5G. While it enhances security, users should be aware that future updates are unlikely, making it essential to consider other security measures or upgrades.

Considering an Upgrade

Given the end of software support, upgrading to a new device might be a wise choice. The Galaxy A55 is an excellent option, offering advanced features and improved performance.

Galaxy A55 Features

The Galaxy A55 comes with Android 14-based One UI 6.1, boasting numerous enhancements over the Galaxy A51 5G’s One UI 5.1. This includes better performance, more features, and a more refined user experience.

Android 14-based One UI 6.1

One UI 6.1 introduces new functionalities and improvements, making the Galaxy A55 a compelling upgrade. Users will benefit from the latest features and a smoother, more intuitive interface.

Video Overview

For a detailed look at the Galaxy A55’s features, check out our video overview. It highlights all the new capabilities and improvements, giving you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

Where to Buy Galaxy A55

Ready to upgrade? You can purchase the Galaxy A55 using the link below. Enjoy the latest technology and a host of new features by making the switch today.

User Reactions

Galaxy A51 5G users have expressed mixed feelings about the surprise update. While grateful for the security patch, many are now considering the Galaxy A55 for its advanced features and future-proof support.

Samsung’s Commitment to Security

Samsung’s unexpected update underscores the company’s commitment to user security, even after ending official support. Timely patches are crucial, and Samsung continues to demonstrate its dedication to protecting its users.


The unexpected software update for the Galaxy A51 5G highlights Samsung’s dedication to security. However, with the end of regular support, it’s an ideal time to consider upgrading to the Galaxy A55 for enhanced features and continued updates.


Q1: Why did Samsung end support for the Galaxy A51 5G?

A1: Samsung follows a schedule for ending support based on the device’s release date and lifecycle, ensuring focus on newer models.

Q2: How do I install the latest update on my Galaxy A51 5G?

A2: Go to Settings » Software update » Download and install, or manually download the firmware from Samsung’s database.

Q3: Is this the final update for the Galaxy A51 5G?

A3: Yes, this is likely the last regular software update for the device.

Q4: What are the key features of the Galaxy A55?

A4: The Galaxy A55 offers Android 14-based One UI 6.1, improved performance, and enhanced features compared to the Galaxy A51 5G.

Q5: Where can I buy the Galaxy A55?

A5: You can purchase the Galaxy A55 through the provided link, enjoying the latest technology and features.