Samsung Responds to Apple’s Controversial iPad Pro Ad with Creative Twist

Samsung Cleverly Responds to Apple’s Controversial iPad Pro Ad

In a witty move, Samsung responds to Apple’s iPad Pro ad with a new advertisement that takes a playful jab at its competitor’s recent misstep. Apple’s original ad, which featured a hydraulic press crushing various objects to demonstrate the iPad’s power and compactness, faced significant backlash for being seen as insensitive and out of touch.

Critics, particularly artists, found Apple’s ad tone-deaf amid growing concerns about artificial intelligence and technology potentially replacing human jobs. Following the negative feedback, Apple quickly issued an apology, admitting that the ad “missed the mark.”

Samsung, always keen to capitalize on such opportunities, released a cheeky response. In Samsung’s ad, a woman steps into what looks like the chaotic aftermath of Apple’s ad. Amidst the mess of splattered paint, she picks up a broken guitar and begins playing a tune, using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 to read her music.

The ad wraps up with a powerful message: “Creativity cannot be crushed.”

Directed by filmmaker Zen Pace and produced by BBH USA, the Samsung ad highlights a fundamental truth—that true creativity comes from within and cannot be replaced by technology. In a statement to CBS MoneyWatch, BBH USA emphasized this message, noting, “It’s about humanity, and the tablet is just a tool that helps her play the notes.”

Estefanio Holtz, executive creative director at BBH USA, explained that the controversy surrounding Apple’s “crush” ad provided a unique chance for Samsung to quickly craft a response. “Samsung wanted to make a statement, and it all came together very fast,” Holtz told CBS MoneyWatch.

Holtz further elaborated that focusing on a woman playing a broken guitar was a simple yet poignant concept, underscoring the message: “As we embrace technological advancements, we must not forget our humanity.”