Galaxy Z Flip 6 to Feature Larger Battery: Galaxy Z Flip 6 battery Upgrade

Galaxy Z Flip 6 battery

New information reveals that the previously reported battery capacities were incorrect. The Galaxy Z Flip 6 will have a battery that is 300 mAh larger than its predecessor, as disclosed earlier this year.

Original story below:

Samsung’s upcoming clamshell foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip 6, is scheduled for release in less than two months and will come with several improvements over the Galaxy Z Flip 5, including the latest Snapdragon processor and a higher-resolution rear camera.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 battery: Slight, but Significant

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 will also feature a larger battery. Initial leaks had suggested a battery capacity of around 3,887 mAh, similar to the base model of the Galaxy S24. However, recent regulatory certifications provide a different perspective.

Samsung’s foldable devices come with dual-cell batteries. Earlier this year, the company tested 1,097 mAh and 2,887 mAh batteries for the Flip 6, which would result in a combined rated capacity of 3,880 mAh and a typical capacity of 4,000 mAh, as officially advertised by Samsung.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 battery

Recent information from a pre-shipment inspection (PSI) certificate, highlighted by MySmartPrice, indicates that the final product will have 1,000 mAh and 2,790 mAh batteries, bringing the total to 3,790 mAh. This is still an upgrade from the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s 3,591 mAh rated capacity, providing an increase of around 200 mAh. While this enhancement is notable, it falls short of initial expectations.

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Source: SamMobile

The charging capability will remain at 25W, consistent with current Galaxy Z Flip models. Given the battery size, this is adequate, and no faster charging was anticipated. At the upcoming Unpacked event, among the new devices, only the Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to feature enhanced charging speeds.