Samsung Adds Two New Games to Its TVs in the US


In a move to enhance the entertainment options available on Samsung Smart TVs in the United States, Samsung has unveiled two exciting new games: Rivals Arena and The Six. These additions aim to provide users with immersive gaming experiences directly from their living room screens.

Rivals Arena: A Controller-Free Experience

Gameplay Without a Controller

One of the highlights of Rivals Arena is its innovative gameplay approach. Samsung Smart TV users can dive into the action-packed world of Rivals Arena without the need for a traditional controller. Instead, players can utilize their smartphones to control the game, adding a layer of convenience and accessibility to the gaming experience.

Exclusive Access via Samsung Gaming Hub

Rivals Arena will be accessible through the Samsung Gaming Hub, offering users easy access to this cinematic card game. However, details regarding the cloud gaming service hosting Rivals Arena remain undisclosed at this time, leaving users eager to explore this exciting addition further.

The Six: Simplified Gaming with TV Remote

Gameplay Using TV Remote

The Six introduces a simplified gaming experience that doesn’t require a controller or even a smartphone. Players can engage in this trivia game using only the TV’s remote control, making it easily accessible to users of all ages and tech proficiency levels.

Integrated Directly into Samsung TVs

Samsung takes integration to the next level with The Six, as the game is built directly into Samsung TVs. While specific details regarding this integration are yet to be revealed, the prospect of seamlessly accessing The Six directly from the TV interface adds to its allure.

Availability and Compatibility

Rivals Arena for 2022 or Newer Samsung TVs

Rivals Arena, developed by Return Entertainment, is an exclusive offering for Samsung TVs. Players can initiate their gaming journey by scanning a QR code, ensuring a seamless start to their gaming adventure. This captivating card game is compatible with 2022 or newer Samsung Smart TVs, promising an engaging experience for users with compatible devices.

The Six: Accessible to All

The Six offers broad accessibility, catering to a wide audience of Samsung TV users. With compatibility extending to 2022 or newer Samsung TVs, anyone equipped with a compatible remote can dive into The Six today. Furthermore, Samsung plans to extend support to earlier TV models later in the year, ensuring that more users can enjoy this trivia game from the comfort of their homes.


Samsung’s introduction of Rivals Arena and The Six underscores the company’s commitment to delivering diverse entertainment experiences to its users. By leveraging innovative gameplay mechanics and seamless integration into Samsung Smart TVs, these games offer immersive experiences that appeal to both casual and avid gamers alike. With accessibility and compatibility at the forefront, Samsung continues to elevate the gaming landscape within the realm of home entertainment.