Samsung Gears Up for Mass Production of Advanced Exynos 3nm Chipset

Exynos 3nm Chipset

Samsung recently revealed its plans to begin mass production of its first Exynos 3nm chipset utilizing the innovative Gate All Around (GAA) design. While the specific chipset remains unidentified, speculation points to the Exynos 2500 for the upcoming Galaxy S25 or the Exynos W1000 expected to debut with the Galaxy Watch7.

Exynos 3nm Chipset:

In addition to its 3nm developments, Samsung is already looking ahead. ETNews reports that the company has initiated work on a 2nm chip, the Exynos 2600, codenamed Thetis, with mass production slated for the latter half of 2025, aiming to supply the Galaxy S26.

Exynos 3nm Chipset

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Samsung is reportedly working on a 2nm node for the Exynos 2600

Contrary to some reports suggesting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 will use a 4nm node, which would give the Exynos 3nm chipset a competitive edge, other sources indicate that Qualcomm might adopt TSMC’s 3nm node (N3E). Apple’s significant reservation of TSMC’s 3nm capacity last year might shift due to fluctuating demand, potentially affecting these plans.

Looking towards the end of this year, a Taiwanese news outlet claims the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 for Galaxy devices will be manufactured on Samsung’s advanced 3nm GAA Plus (GAP) node starting in 2025.

Meanwhile, TSMC is advancing its own 2nm technology, with production lines likely dedicated to the iPhone 17 Pro and some Mac models anticipated in 2026. This sets the stage for a high-stakes 2nm competition between Apple and Samsung.