Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Camera Details: What to Expect

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 FE is generating buzz among tech enthusiasts, with details slowly emerging thanks to our friends at GalaxyClub. This new Fan Edition phone is reportedly in development, and we’ve got some intriguing camera details to share.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE:

Camera Sensor Details

The Galaxy S24 FE is expected to feature the same primary camera sensor as its predecessor. This sensor, the ISOCELL GN3, is a familiar piece of technology also found in the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S24, and Galaxy S24+. It’s clear that Samsung is sticking with what works, ensuring consistency across their devices.

Comparative Camera Analysis

For those hoping for an upgrade, the Galaxy S24 FE may not bring any major surprises. Last year, the FE lineup saw an upgrade with the Galaxy S23 FE’s main rear camera. However, it appears Samsung is not planning further enhancements for the Galaxy S24 FE. This decision aligns with the company’s strategy of providing reliable, high-quality components without frequent overhauls.

Front-Facing Camera

The front-facing camera on the Galaxy S24 FE will likely remain the same as its predecessor. This follows a significant change last year when Samsung shifted from a 32MP mid-range sensor used in the S20 FE and S21 FE to a 10MP high-end sensor in the Galaxy S23 FE. The consistency in the front camera suggests that Samsung is confident in the performance of this sensor.

Ultra-Wide and Zoom Cameras

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE

Regarding the ultra-wide and zoom cameras, it’s anticipated that these will also remain unchanged. While this information is speculative at this stage, it seems likely that Samsung will maintain the same camera setup. As always, more details will emerge as the development progresses.

Development Timeline and Launch

The development timeline for the Galaxy S24 FE indicates that it may not hit the market until late this year or early 2025. With the device currently in development, there’s still some time before we get the full picture of its specifications.

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Source: sammobile

Processor and Chipset

One of the biggest questions surrounding the Galaxy S24 FE is the choice of processor. Last year, Samsung deviated from its usual practice by using a year-old Exynos and Snapdragon chip for the Galaxy S23 FE instead of the latest chips found in its non-FE counterparts. It remains to be seen whether Samsung will follow the same approach for the Galaxy S24 FE or opt for a different strategy.

User Expectations and Market Position

Samsung fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the Galaxy S24 FE, with many keen to see how the company will position this model in the market. The consistent camera technology suggests a focus on reliability and performance, which could appeal to a wide range of users.


In summary, the Galaxy S24 FE is set to continue using the trusted ISOCELL GN3 sensor for its primary camera, with no significant changes expected in the ultra-wide and zoom cameras or the front-facing camera. While the full specs are yet to be revealed, the development timeline suggests a late 2024 or early 2025 launch. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the release date.


1. What camera sensor will the Galaxy S24 FE use?

The Galaxy S24 FE will feature the ISOCELL GN3 sensor, the same primary camera sensor used in its predecessor and other recent Samsung models.

2. Are there any changes expected in the front camera?

No significant changes are expected. The front-facing camera will likely remain the same as the 10MP high-end sensor used in the Galaxy S23 FE.

3. When will the Galaxy S24 FE be launched?

The Galaxy S24 FE is expected to launch late this year or early 2025, based on its current development timeline.

4. What processor is expected in the Galaxy S24 FE?

It is still uncertain what processor Samsung will use for the Galaxy S24 FE. Last year’s model used an older Exynos and Snapdragon chip, and it’s yet to be seen if Samsung will take a similar approach this time.

5. Will there be any upgrades in the ultra-wide and zoom cameras?

No upgrades are currently expected for the ultra-wide and zoom cameras, though this information is speculative at this stage.