Samsung Galaxy F55 Leather Back Review: A Fresh Take on Smartphone Design

Samsung Galaxy F55

I’ve been keeping a secret until today: I’ve been using Samsung’s first modern smartphone with a leather back for nearly three weeks. Samsung India provided me with a Galaxy F55 review unit before its official release, and it has been my secondary phone during this period.

(Galaxy F55 Leather Back) Why a secondary phone, you ask? The Galaxy F55, also known as the Galaxy C55, is identical to the Galaxy M55 in terms of specifications, differing only in design. Having already reviewed the Galaxy M55, I was thrilled to learn that its variant, the C55, would be launching in India as the Galaxy F55.

I carried the Galaxy F55 around for a few days to evaluate the impact of its leather back, and I must say, I’m impressed. It’s refreshing to see Samsung experimenting with design again. Chinese manufacturers frequently innovate with the design of their phones, and it’s great that Samsung is breaking away from the monotony that has characterized Galaxy smartphone designs for so long.

Galaxy F55 Leather Back:

Galaxy F55 Leather Back
Galaxy F55 Leather Back

The leather back also adds a practical benefit. Previously, Samsung used plastic for the rear panels of its mid-range phones and glass for its flagships. While glass looks premium, both plastic and glass can be quite slippery.

I’m not as daring as some of my colleagues who use their phones without cases. Most of my daily driver phones over the past four years have been loaner units from Samsung, and I’ve always used a case to protect them after our reviews were published.

Samsung and other brands that provide loaner phones don’t expect reviewers to pay for any damage that might occur. However, I’m not comfortable risking damage to these devices, whether they cost $200 or $1500.

Galaxy F55 Leather Back
Galaxy F55 Leather Back

Given the importance of smartphones in our lives, I prefer to keep them in pristine condition for as long as possible. Even if you’re lucky and only suffer minimal damage from a few drops, you never know when your luck might run out.

Therefore, it’s best to use a case for protection. That is unless you own a phone with a leather back, like the Galaxy F55 (or Galaxy C55 in China). Finally, after what feels like an eternity, I’ve found a phone that doesn’t need a case because it doesn’t slip out of my hand at every opportunity.

Galaxy F55 Leather Back
Galaxy F55 Leather Back

The leather back on the Galaxy F55 doesn’t feel as premium as glass or metal, but it’s a significant improvement over the polycarbonate rear panels typically used on Samsung’s mid-range devices. It also feels superior to the faux leather backs from older models like the Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4. While it may not feel as luxurious as glass, the practical benefits far outweigh that.

I hope Samsung continues this trend and doesn’t treat it as a one-off experiment. With the introduction of a dedicated lineup like the Galaxy C55 in China, there’s a better chance they’ll stick with it. However, only time will tell.

Samsung has a tendency to try various approaches to see what works, often reacting to trends set by competitors in the mid-range market. While I remain skeptical, I’m hopeful that Samsung will continue to offer the leather back in future models.

So, if you’re in India, China, or any market where the Galaxy F55 or C55 may be released and you’re considering the Galaxy M55, think again. Opt for the F55 or C55 instead.

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Source: SamMobile