Samsung Unveils Its First-Ever Color E-Paper Display

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Samsung has made headlines at the ongoing Infocomm 2024 expo in Las Vegas, USA, by unveiling its first-ever Color E-Paper TV. This groundbreaking technology introduces a color e-ink display panel that is set to revolutionize advertising in various environments. Imagine seeing vibrant ads in malls, offices, public places, restaurants, and retail stores without worrying about power consumption. This is the future Samsung is promising with its new innovation.

What is Color E-Paper?

Color E-Paper is an advanced type of electronic paper display technology that adds color to the traditional monochrome e-paper. While traditional e-paper is known for its power efficiency and readability in bright light, Color E-Paper brings these advantages along with the ability to display a wide range of colors, making it more versatile for advertising and other visual displays.

Samsung’s First Color E-Paper TV

Introducing Samsung’s first Color E-Paper TV, the EMDX model, which boasts a 32-inch ultra-low-power color digital display. This working prototype is designed to showcase advertisements and other content in vibrant colors while maintaining exceptional power efficiency.

Power Efficiency of the Color E-Paper TV

One of the standout features of Samsung’s Color E-Paper TV is its remarkable power efficiency. The display consumes zero watts of power while showing content, as it only uses power when the displayed content is changed. This is made possible through advanced e-ink technology and is in line with the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) definition, where power consumption below 0.005W can be marketed as 0.00W.

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Technical Specifications

The Samsung Color E-Paper TV is packed with impressive specifications:

  • Screen Size and Resolution: A 32-inch screen with QHD resolution, capable of displaying 60,000 colors.
  • Weight and Dimensions: The display is 17.9 mm thin and weighs just 2.9 kg (excluding battery).
  • Storage and Connectivity: Features 8GB of onboard storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and two USB Type-C ports for power and file transfers.

Design and Aesthetics

Samsung has designed the Color E-Paper TV with aesthetics in mind. The Frame Deco Bezel, reminiscent of Samsung’s The Frame TV, provides a sleek and modern look. The bezel can be easily replaced, allowing customization to suit different environments. Additionally, it is compatible with a 200 x 200 VESA wall mount, making installation versatile whether on the ceiling, table, or wall.

Applications of Color E-Paper TV

The potential applications for Samsung’s Color E-Paper TV are vast. It can be utilized in various settings to display advertisements, menus, product information, and more. Ideal locations include:

  • Malls: Attract shoppers with vibrant and dynamic advertisements.
  • Offices: Display important announcements or corporate branding.
  • Public Places: Inform and engage the public with dynamic content.
  • Restaurants and Retail Stores: Showcase menus, promotions, and product details.

Innovative Advertising Solutions

Samsung’s Color E-Paper TV offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to enhance their advertising strategies. Compared to traditional digital signage, the Color E-Paper TV is significantly more power-efficient, which can result in lower operational costs. The ability to display colorful and engaging content without continuous power usage sets it apart from other digital displays.

Samsung’s Technological Advancements

Samsung has integrated advanced technology into the Color E-Paper TV. The device can be managed remotely in real-time using the Samsung VTX solution. This allows businesses to update and control the displayed content seamlessly, ensuring the most relevant and up-to-date information is always presented.

Environmental Impact

The Color E-Paper TV is not just a technological marvel but also an environmentally friendly solution. By reducing power consumption, it contributes to lower energy usage and promotes sustainability. This aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints and embrace greener technologies.

User Experience

Samsung has prioritized user experience with the Color E-Paper TV. Managing the content is made simple through a dedicated smartphone app, allowing users to control and update the display easily. The combination of intuitive design and remote management capabilities makes it a user-friendly solution for various applications.

Market Potential and Future Prospects

The market potential for Samsung’s Color E-Paper TV is substantial. As businesses seek more efficient and engaging ways to advertise, this innovative display offers a compelling solution. Samsung’s commitment to continual improvement suggests that future versions of the Color E-Paper TV could include even more advanced features and capabilities.

Challenges and Considerations

Despite its many advantages, the Color E-Paper TV may face some challenges in widespread adoption. Factors such as initial cost, competition with existing technologies, and market readiness will play a role in its success. However, Samsung’s strong brand and technological leadership position it well to overcome these hurdles.


Samsung’s unveiling of its first Color E-Paper TV marks a significant milestone in display technology. Combining vibrant color display with ultra-low power consumption, this innovation promises to revolutionize advertising and content display across various environments. As Samsung continues to develop and refine this technology, the future looks bright for Color E-Paper displays.


What is Color E-Paper?

Color E-Paper is a display technology that adds color to traditional e-paper, known for its power efficiency and readability in bright light.

How does the Color E-Paper TV save power?

The Color E-Paper TV consumes zero watts of power while displaying content and only uses power when changing the displayed content.

Where can the Color E-Paper TV be used?

It can be used in malls, offices, public places, restaurants, retail stores, and other locations to display advertisements, menus, product information, and more.

What are the technical specifications?

The TV features a 32-inch QHD screen, 8GB storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and two USB Type-C ports. It is 17.9 mm thin and weighs 2.9 kg (excluding battery).

How can content be managed on the Color E-Paper TV?

Content can be managed through a dedicated smartphone app and remotely in real-time using the Samsung VTX solution.