Samsung Prepares to Launch the Galaxy Tab S10 Series: New Model Details Revealed

As many of you know, Samsung is working on the new Galaxy Tab S10 series. The tech giant is preparing to introduce a new addition to the beloved Tab S lineup. We’ve uncovered some new details about the models in the Galaxy Tab S10 series.

Galaxy Tab S10 Series Models Confirmed by Model Numbers

Our findings have revealed the model numbers for the upcoming Galaxy Tab S10 series, giving us hints about their global availability. Samsung is developing the Galaxy Tab S10 Plus and the Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra. The model numbers for the Galaxy Tab S10 Plus are SM-X828U, SM-X826B, and SM-X826N. The Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra has the model number SM-X926B.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S Series – Tablets Online

While we don’t have the specifications for the Galaxy Tab S10 series yet, these model numbers confirm that Samsung is indeed working on them. Additionally, they suggest which regions these models will be available in. The leaked numbers indicate that the Galaxy Tab S10 Plus and Tab S10 Ultra will be available in the global market, the US, and Korea. Currently, we only have the global model number for the Tab S10 Ultra, but it’s expected to be available in the US and Korea as well.

Galaxy Tab S10 Series

You may have noticed that a standard Galaxy Tab S10 model isn’t listed in our findings. This doesn’t mean Samsung has discontinued it; rather, it seems that the development of a cellular version of the standard Galaxy Tab S10 hasn’t started yet. It’s almost certain that this variant is on its way.

Expected Launch in Q1 2025

Predicting Samsung’s release dates is tricky. They launched the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in August 2020, and then introduced new devices 1.5 years later. The Galaxy Tab S8 was released in March 2022 with the Galaxy S22 series, followed by the Galaxy Tab S9 in August 2023 alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Given this pattern, and considering we’re now in Q2 of 2024, we anticipate that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Tab S10 series next year. It’s likely that we’ll see the Galaxy Tab S10 series unveiled in January or February 2025, possibly alongside the Galaxy S25 series.