Top 3 paid and free games must play on Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2

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Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note are fastest selling Android mobile phones from Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S2 has already created a world record and Galaxy Note is awaiting it. Welcome to top 3 paid and free Android games for Samsung Galaxy Note. You can play the most challenging and exciting games on your Galaxy S2 or Note because it is equipped with the latest Mali Graphic Processor.


Paid games for Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note:

1. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation:

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation


Modern Combat 3 is designed by top developer Gameloft. You will get variety of immersive environments in this game, MC3 offers impressive multiplayer capabilities, allowing for up to 12 players in 6 maps and 7 different modes. In the single-player campaign, players will experience several gameplay modes including escort, destroy, helicopter, 4×4 chase, and others. If you want to experience real 3D on your mobile go for this game.

This game is available for Rs. 368.55 on Android market.

2. Where’s My Water:

Where's My Water


It is a great brain puzzle game for your Android Devices. This puzzle game has been developed by Disney one of the top selling game developer. It has top 20 levels and top 5 more levels for paid. The levels are part of a new “Stretched Thin” campaign that adds a new element to the game in the form of water balloons. Now players not only have to deal with guiding water to Swampy the Alligator, but they must also pop the balloons that stand the way. It has collecting and bonus levels, Collect items to unlock shower swampy bonus levels. Collect all the rubber ducks and play around more surprises! Every drop counts in Where’s my water?

This game is available for Rs. 50.20 on Android market.

3. Cut the Rope:

Cut the Rope


Cut the Rope is designed by ZeptoLab.  It is an all time humorous game for Android. Your task is to guide a sweetie into the little monster Om Nom’s mouth. However, the sweet is held in suspension by ropes. Swipes across these ropes break them, but you can’t just flick away willy-nilly. If the sweet falls down through the screen, you fail the level, and both the ropes and the sweet are subject to real world-style physics. One wrong move could send Om Nom’s prospective treat into confectionary oblivion. 

This game is available for Rs. 50.56 on Android market.

Free Games for Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note:

1. Shoot the Apple:

Shoot the Apple


Shoot the Apple Android game designed by DroidHen Developer. This game has more than 150 challenging levels. There is an alien which you have to take him to his beloved apple. The apple is hidden behind obstacles. There is a cannon which you have to shoot the Aliens. This game has very decent graphics and many themes like Mechanical Tree, Beach Fairy table, Snow Odd, Moon Time, Space Walk, Sax City. The less aliens you shoot, the more coin rewards you get. More levels are coming soon.

This game is free on Android Market.

2. Brothers In Arms 2 Free+:

Brothers In Arms 2 Free+:


Brothers In Arms 2 is a military game. We have played its successful previous version now it comes with its new version. The gameplay is all about offense/defense missions. The former consists of moving through a level, the latter of holding a position and defending it.  You can join your allies online, fight across the globe, war machines, battle comes to life, An epic experience, arsenal at your disposal and many more.

This game is free on Android Market.

3. Angry Birds Seasons:

 Angry Birds Seasons


Angry bird is an well known game not only for the Android but for all platforms. This is an upgrade version of Angry Bird. 25 new festive levels featuring gingerbread cookies, bells, twinkling lights, and candy canes. The newest Angry Bird will also make an appearance Oh! how could we forget evil pigs. In this game you will face a new big giant pig. This game is generally played by using power of angry bird you have to destroy all the fortresses. The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Greedy pigs have stolen there eggs and you have to take it back. Use unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs fortresses. There are 300 levels try to reach all.

This game is free on Android Market

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