How to Install Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread XWJVU on the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000: tutorial

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How to Install Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread XWJVU on the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000: tutorial

We have a good news for the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 users that, now you can install the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000, because this update is Officially Released for the Portugal market and this ROM comes by default in the Portuguese Language. If you want to go ahead with this ROM and also you want change the language to English then you have to change the language from the “Locale & Text” option which is available in the Settings.

Note that this update is only available for users with device numbers like GT I9000 and not other models like I9000M/B or T.

Now follow all the necessary steps to install the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000. Before installing you must keep the data backup in your computer so that after updating you do not miss any data. So to do so follow the below instructions:

Pre Requisites:

Don’t forget to back up your data. If you have synced the device with a Google account, then the contacts, calendar, Gmail, & select other Google-related data will not be lost and will come back after the next sync. However, you should backup anything you want to keep that is not stored on the SD card:

It would also be a good idea to backup everything stored on the SD card in the rare case the SD card must be formatted to resolve any major problems.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible in any manner if anything happens to your device as which is a very unlikely case if you follow each and every instruction carefully given in this article.

Rooting Information:

For updating with this firmware, it’s not required or a compulsion to root your device. You can apply this update even on a non-rooted phone.

Just in case if you have already rooted the phone then after applying with this update, the rooting process will be revoked after which you can reclaim the warranty and also the lost warranty will be regained.

For the Users of Custom ROM Firmwares:

If you are on any of the custom ROM for your phone then you will have to first up turn Off the phone and then enter into the recovery mode. The recovery mode can be entered by:

  • pressing  Volume UP on Volume Down Key + OK button, and holding both simultaneously press the Power Button.

Finally, What to Do:

  1. Download the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread (build XWJVU) update package to your computer from here.
  2. Extract the ZIP file to your computer.
  3. As soon as the files are extracted, you will find three files. “JVU_JV4_JVT.tar”, “Odin3” and “SS_DL.dll”.  If any of these three files are missing, you will need to re-download the file.
  4. Extract the contents of Odin3 into a folder.
  5. Run the tool Odin flash.
  6. Turn off your phone then go into download mode by pressing the Volume Down + Home/OK button simultaneously and press the Power button.
  7. In the event the phone boots up into normal mode, try the process again. If you cannot enter into Download Mode, it’s not recommended to proceed.
  8. Once in Download Mode, connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable.
  9. Once connected you will see that in Odin3 ID: The COM will change to yellow.This means that the drivers that are required for this firmware update have been successfully updated. You are now ready to proceed.
  10. In Odin3, click PDA and select “JVU_JV4_JVT.tar” from the folder where you extracted the update files to.
  11. Click on “Start” to begin the firmware update. Please note that you should not interrupt the firmware update or else you may face issues, such as your phone not turning on.
  12. Once the update has been completed, the device will restart. You will be asked to enter Google account credentials, as well as Language preferences. After entering them, turn the device off and enter into Recovery Mode. You can do this by pressing Volume UP + OK Button and holding both down while pressing the Power Button.
  13. Once in Recovery Mode, select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and “Wipe Cache Partition” to clear your cache.
  14. Afterwards, choose “Reboot System Now” to restart your phone normally.

Now your device has been successfully updated the firmware Samsung GT I9000 Galaxy S phone. If you got any trouble by doing same then tell us through comment section given below.

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