Best Custom ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy SIII T999

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T-mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII T999 users who have rooted their device and are looking for the best custom ROM’s. You have come to the right place, we have selected the best best and stable custom ROM’s for the T-mobile S3.

The ROM’s listed below are reported to be working fine and descend from some of the famous developers. All you need to try any of these custom ROM on your device. For this your device should be rooted and a reliable custom recovery must be installed onto it. But at the same time you have to know that custom or modified Roms are not always safe to install, some bugs may present on these Rom’s.

You can try these Rom’s without any hesitations as there are very less chances of any issues. But, just in case if face any un-foreseen situations, we are here to help you always.

Warning: Please carefully understand what you are proceeding with and where it’ll lead you to. Further, we should not be blamed of any mis-happenings you face.

How to install Rom on T-mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII T999:

Step 1: Connect your S3 with the original USB cable into your PC in mass storage mode. Copy the Rom zip file in internal phone memory(Root directory).

Step 2: Now switch off your S3 and reboot in recovery mode. ClockworkMod Recovery can be entered by holding down the Volume Up, Power, and the Home buttons until your phone’s screen turn on.

Step 3: First Create a NANDroid Backup Go to Backup and Restore > Backup. Now, again Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset > Yes, Select Wipe Cache Partition > Yes, Select Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache > Yes.

Step 4: After clearing the cache memory, Select Install ZIP from SD card then Choose ZIP from SD card > Locate and select > Yes.

Step 5: Again Select Advanced > Fix Permissions > Yes. Now Select Go Back > Reboot System Now > Yes.

List of Best Custom ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy SIII T999:

Serenity Rom:

Serenity Rom for T-mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII T999

This Rom packed with exciting features like customization twists, courtesy of XDA Developers member drewgaren. Version 1.3 of the ROM is a port based on the official T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 firmware. ROM already comes with an updated system base, CSCs, build.prop, and other T-Mobile-specific properties. As always, exercise caution since bugs and issues are expected to test builds.

Download the Serenity ROM 1.3 (, 779 MB).

Darthstalker ROM:

Darthstalker ROM for T-mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII T999

If you are on darkside of the android force, here XDA Developer member jovy23 has prepared Darthstalker ROM for you based on the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware build UVDLJA and which comes with a Darth Vader-inspired wallpaper. It’s rooted, zipaligned, and deodexed; has init.d support; includes performance and battery enhancements, as well as enhancements on 3G/4G/Wi-Fi speed and signal; has Galaxy Note II Polaris Office 4.0 and Paper Artist apps; and many more features. There is many add-ons for this Roms also download them.

Download the Darthstalker ROM S3 Edition (, md5sum: b0c5b8e7ca3b0fac05ca8c8573c37e3f)

Optional downloads: Add-ons


WICKED ROM for T-mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII T999

The WICKED ROM name suggests, it has a really wicked deviant theme and some fierce features. The Wicked ROM, deviantly developed by XDA Developers member evil1art, is based on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. The ROM has been deodexed, zipaligned, and batch optimized. It has boot animation support, as well as OTA support. A variety of tweaks for build.prop, network, data, battery, and volume are packed neatly into the ROM, right along with ad blocking and init.d support. If you want really freaky thing then try this Rom.

Download the WICKED JB v2.1 ROM (, md5sum: 4c9b15c5483fca89a16dda77adc78839).


Jedi Invasion ROM:

Jedi Invasion ROM

This rom takes less storage space on your phone, Developed by XDA Developers member ptmr3. The Jedi Invasion 2 ROM is rooted, deodexed, zipaligned, and is slim at less than 500 MB. To help preserve your battery life when your screen is off, ptmr3 has thrown in CPU Sleeper. You can enjoy awesome multimedia consumption thanks to the Sony Bravia Engine, Awesome BEATS, WALKMAN music, and a Higher Volume mod. There are also 15 toggles for you to use, a 5×5 launcher, network speed and performance tweaks, as well as RAM management tweaks. Also download add-ons for more goody bag.

Download the Jedi Invasion 3 ROM (, md5sum: 9bdfaafd6b01cc0058d12af22591bb52)

Download the add-ons

Hellfire Jelly Bean Rom:

Hellfire Jelly Bean Rom for T-mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII T999

XDA Developers member x0xhellx0x has developed HellFire Rom which is very stable and incredibly fast. It has features like Beats Audio, DropBox, Fancy Widget, Hellpaper, and a whole lot more. The default theme is a bad-ass red that looks very great. You can download more themes from Play-store.

The ROM runs smoothly and doesn’t seem to have any bugs, but with the big pack of apps comes a few that don’t really work. They will be taken out in the next release, however. The video sound has also been reported to be rather soft and there’s no option for changing the preferred quality.

Download the HellFire Jelly ROM for the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 (, 272 MB).

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